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About Us

Structural Deck Systems Corporation (SDS) is the exclusive dealer and installer of the Epicore Composite deck and roof system for the East Coast of Florida, Central Florida, and Tampa/St. Pete. Epicore MSR is the most cost-effective, strongest, and fastest floor system to design and install in Florida. Epicore has been the deck system of choice for custom homes, hotels, multifamily, student housing, and assisted living facilities designed for multi-story residential construction.


It’s a 32” wide permanent steel form that eliminates the need for temporary wood forms, is faster to erect than precast planks, and does not require a crane for installation.


The deck can span up to 30’, and the poured slab is between 4” to 8”. The system allows greater floor-to-floor ceiling heights, maximizing the usable interior space.


MEPs can install block-outs before pouring concrete or core drill their opening after the concrete is poured.


During production, Epicore steel has received a hot-dip protective coating of zinc, G60, or G90 classification, and has its own exclusive U.L. fire rating. Due to Epicore’s closed-rib construction, flame spread from room to room is stopped by solid concrete. 

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